Review: Lovehoney Desire Bullet

I was really excited when Lovehoney expanded their range to include this new vibrator but it left one question needing to be answered…can the Desire Luxury Rechargeable Bullet be good enough to rival the We Vibe Tango?


As with all of the Desire range the packaging is really simple and in my eyes incredibly classy. It sticks to the grey and purple colour scheme, shows the Desire logo and a picture of the bullet. The colours are lush & very luxurious.

The Desire bullet comes with its own leather storage case too. It isn’t one of the hard storage cases like with the rabbit and wand but rather a zip up pouch, similar to a small make up case which is the perfect size to fit the bullet and the USB charging cable. It is very discreet so perfect for naughty weekends away!


The Desire bullet comes with USB charging cable which attaches via magnetic pins at the base of the vibe. The first charge takes about 2 hours from which you can get around 60 Desire bullet 4minutes of play time. Although to be honest I have only charged it once since I bought it in January!

Lovehoney have taken the discreet storage to a new level with the charging as there is a small gap in the storage case through which you can pass the USB cable so you can charge it without the nosiest of people knowing what you are up to! The storage pouch has a little divider in it too so there is one side for the bullet and one side for the cable.


Lovehoney embossed logo on bullet

Lovehoney embossed logo

I love the design of the Desire bullet and I honestly think it is better than the Tango in that respect. It is made from the silkiest silicone that you will ever feel, in a beautiful shade of deep plum purple. I far prefer the silicone of the Desire over the plastic Tango. It feels more luxurious against my skin and there is no drag from the silicone even without lube. Attention has been paid to the detail of this vibe, all the way down to the Lovehoney logo which is embossed in the silicone.

I inspected every inch of the bullet and it is completely without a single flaw or blemish. The build quality is perfect. Nothing less than you would expect from a high end toy like this.

Desire bullet

Lovehoney Desire Rechargeable Bullet

It has some seriously petite proportions measuring just under 4 inches long & about 1 inch across the base. It is really little pocket rocket in the shape of a bullet cartridge. Don’t they say that the best things come in small packages?!


This bullet is absolutely incredible! It packs a real punch, boasting 17 patterns and 3 intensities. So much to choose from!

To switch the bullet on you just need to press and hold the button on the base of the bullet for a few seconds. To change the patterns and intensities you just ‘quick press’ the same button and cycle through until you find one that tickles your fancy and I promise you, your fancy will be thoroughly tickled! When you cannot take anymore you just press and hold the button again to switch it off.

My god it’s so quiet!! It is quite hard to comprehend such a powerful vibrator can make so little noise even it its highest level! You really don’t need to worry about waking your neighbours or your housemates. You can leave switched on in another room and you can barely hear it through a closed door.

Desire bullet 2It is a powerful bullet too. I really was seriously impressed at how rumbly the vibrations were without being transferred up into your hand which can be really off-putting with some vibrators. That is a big turn off for me. The tapered tip gives you pin point stimulation like nothing else. Given that the tip is the same shape all around rather than having a flat area like a lipstick, you don’t have to give any consideration to how you are holding it. Just enjoy it!! It is great during solo play whether on its own or with your favourite dildo. Alternatively because it is so petite it is great to use together with your partner. It doesn’t get in the way.

The orgasms…oh my…they start at my toes and travel up my legs until I feel like every nerve ending is on fire.

It is small enough to fit in some male masturbators and can also fit in the base of a couple of my silicone dildos which is big bonus for me. It is 100% waterproof too so you can use it in the bath and the shower. Whilst it is silicone, it would strongly advise not to use it anally as it is far too easy to lose!

It should always be used with water based lube so not to damage the gorgeous silicone. After use clean it with some antibacterial soap, spritz with some sex toy cleaner and leave to dry.


This is an incredible bullet which seriously rivals the Tango. I would go as far as saying that whilst I wouldn’t turn my nose up at a Tango, I wouldn’t go out and buy one. It really lives up to its luxury name tag, looks beautiful & is very powerful. There really is nothing I would change about it.


  • Material: 100% premium silicone
  • Size: 3.75 inches in length & 1 inch diameter base
  • Charging: USB rechargeable
  • Recommend Lubricant: Water based lube
  • Anal safe: Not recommended
  • Price: £44.99
  • Orgasm Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Lovehoney Desire Luxury Rechargeable bullet is available from

*Price accurate as of January 2017.

3 thoughts on “Review: Lovehoney Desire Bullet

  1. Better than the Tango? Now there’s something! I must say I prefer silicone too and I prefer the purple gender neutral colour x


    • Hi Petra Pan. Thanks for taking the tike to comment. I think the Tango will have to be something special to beat the Desire for me. I have a Tango arriving this week hopefully so looking forward to doing a comparison. x


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