Review: Satisfyer Pro2 Next Generation

The Satisfyer Pro 2 was one of the first toys I reviewed on my blog and was the first ‘suction toy’ I tried. It was a complete revelation to me and no other suction toy has measured up since. I was super excited when the lovely folk at Satisfyer offered to send me a couple of models to review however I did wonder how they could improve this model.

The literature that came with the new Next Generation models promises that they were whisper quiet, had new engines, smoother smart, less bright lights and speed controls in both directions. It promises to be waterproof too but I am well aware of the issues some users had with the original Pro2 so we will wait and see about that.

First of them to be put through their paces is the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation.

First Impressions

Visually there hasn’t been many changes however the beautiful rose gold finish is now more matte which I actually prefer. It is prettier. The buttons are ever so slightly different now as Satisfyer have added a ‘+’ and a ‘-‘ button so you can go backwards through the intensity levels which is a great addition and there isn’t an LED light. I’m particularly intrigued by the new controls as a couple of times with the original I wanted to turn it down but as there was only one button I was launched into an orgasm before I wanted to. As such I am very grateful for the ‘-‘ button.


The Pro2 needs to be charged for the first time before it is used and comes with a USB compatible magnetic charger. The magnetic pins attach on the base of the product and it can take up to 8 hours to complete its first charge. To get best use of Satisfyer it is best not to let the battery charge completely flat so regular charging is important. The magnetic connection is nice and strong so you don’t lose connection when charging.

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Next Generation, Next Level?

First up, the noise. Suction toys as you can probably imagine can be a little noisy. By that I mean they can make some really strange noises. The Satisfyer Pro2 Next Generation promises to be quieter and I think that claim is accurate. At its higher levels it is still a little noisy when not in connection which your body but when you are actually using it I think it is pretty quiet.

Satisfyer Pro2 Next Generation

Satisfyer Pro2 Next Generation

As with other suction toys I find that a tiny bit of lubricant rubbed over my clitoris before the Pro2 is really worthwhile. It don’t think it necessarily reduces the intensity but it does make it feel more comfortable against your skin. If you want to do the same just make sure that you use water based lubricant as anything else may damage the nozzle.

I am sure it this is strictly accurate but the Next Generation feels more intense than the original and there are a whopping 11 levels of intensity! I orgasm on level 4 so how anyone can use level 11 I do not know!

Despite the Satisfyer being quite intense, it isn’t numbing in any way and it doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable. Far from it. As with the original the orgasms are incredible. I can feel the beginning of my orgasm for a few minutes and I like to edge myself as much as I can which in practice isn’t that long! When I feel myself getting close to orgasm I turn the intensity right down until the feeling subside then gradually build it up again. The resulting orgasm is spellbinding.

Satisfyer Pro2 Next Generation


WP_20170829_13_12_19_RichThere were some issues with the original in regards to it being waterproof. A number of bloggers reported their beloved Satisfyer dying after coming into contact with water so in the spirit of a completely fair and honest review I used it in the bath. The unit operated without an issue under the water and the sensations were incredible! Afterwards I dried the plastic part of the nozzle with an ear bud and left the rest to air dry. I am pleased to report that I haven’t had any problems with the toy as a result.


So, do I think the Satisfyer Pro2 Next Generation is an improvement on the original? Yes I do. To be honest the original is awesome already so you do wonder where there is room for improvements however Satisfyer has found and made some small changes to the motors and the usability which are improvements regardless.

Do I think you should rush out and buy the Satisfyer Pro2 Next Generation if you already own and love the original? I honestly don’t know. Yes there are improvements and I applaud Satisfyer for continuing the evolve their products but the original continues to be a pretty epic toy in my eyes.

If you don’t own one, boy you are missing out!

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Notes from the Nerd: The Satisfyer Pro2 Next Generation was received free of charge from Satisfyer in return for an honest review. This has in no way influenced my review and my opinions remain my own.

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