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Work with me

In this Digital age, the power of Social media marketing is growing every day, a single blog or social media post can reach and grab the attention of so many people. Working with a blogger like me is a great way to reach those audiences through my site and via my Social media accounts on Google+, Twitter & Instagram.

Apart from the obviously plus points of being a sex blogger, I love being able to inspire others to try a product or company, like I have been inspired in the past by writing well-writing, informative product reviews with a little bit of my personality thrown in.

Honest & impartial reviews

The reviews I include on my blog are both items I have received free in return for a review and also items that I have purchased personally. All review are always honest and will be in no way influenced by the supplier & manufacturer.


All blog posts contain links back to the company which supplied the product and the manufacturer where appropriate. Banners are also included where available.

Social Media

All review blog posts are shared on my social media platforms which currently are Google+, Instagram & Twitter and older reviews will usually be re-posted periodically.


I take good quality photos of all the products I review and include them in my blog posts and on Social Media. My images can be used with my prior consent.


I am an easy-going person but as with most product reviewers there are some rules that I live by which you need to aware of should you wish to work with me.

  • I have the right to say no to any offers of products if they do not fit with the style of my blog or if I do not think I will be able to thoroughly test the product in order to write a comprehensive review. I will only review products that I have agreed to review.
  • Reviews will be published within 4-6 weeks however this is subject to my workloads. If any exceptional circumstances occur which mean this is not possible I will communicate with you at the earliest convenience.
  • I value my anonymity so if you cannot respect that I cannot work with you. My site name or associated identifies must not be used on any product packaging and my actual personal name must not be published on any online platform.
  • Items received for review will be kept by me and will not be returned once the review is complete.
  • All postage and custom costs are to be covered by you. No reviews will be published until any of these costs are covered.
  • Faulty products will be returned to you which you can replaced should you wish. Cost of returning items are to be covered by you.

If you would like to work with me you can email me direct at or via my Contact page

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