Review: Fetish Fantasy Series – Inflatable Position Master

In the last 18 months I have seen a few new sex toy companies join the community. A few of them turned me off straight away with their brash social media style but some I have admired from the outset. I am a fairly new blogger but I do like to support them where I can. Wilder Sides was recommended to me by another blogger and my first impressions were very positive so I was happy to do some reviews to support this start up company.

I had a look through their website to give them an idea of the type of products I like and I found it extremely easy to create an account, browse & locate products and add them to a wishlist. Dave from Wilder Sides was quickly in contact letting me know he was sending some products out to me. This included the Fetish Fantasy Series Inflatable Position Master.


If you have ever tried Fetish Fantasy Series products before you will know that they don’t do subtle! Their packaging is white with large images of half naked people using their products. I am not a prude by a long shot but I find it a little OTT. In this instance there is a stereotypically good looking couple in their underwear showing some of the positions in which the pillow can be used.

Not my favourite packaging in the world but it’s going straight in the bin so never mind.

First Impressions

Before trying the pillow I was worried that it would just be a cheap and nasty alternative to the foam positions pillows like the Liberator wedges. I was feeling more positive when I got it out of the box. The deflated position pillow came in a clear plastic bag and it included some patches and glue to repair any punctures. It also includes a mask for some reason.

The pillow had a soft covering that reminded me a little of the flock wallpaper I had at home in the 80s and 90s! It is a nice texture though that promises to feel nice and smooth against my skin. It is a good size too. When fully inflated it measures 22 inches x 16 inches with a height of approx. 8 inches. The box advises that it will take up to 300lb too!

In Use

air valve

Air valve

Obviously it goes without saying before you can use the pillow you have to blow it up. It has the same sort of air value that you would find on a beach ball. I found that my fitball pump fits the valve but I found it okay to blow up manually. I am asthmatic and didn’t have any issues, I just had to take my time.

When its blow up you realise how big it is but it is also very sturdy! When laid against it it was comfortable and I didn’t have any worries about it holding my weight. The flock material is soft against your skin but unfortunately the seems around the edges are a little scratchy.

The pillow has plastic handles on either side of the triangular wedge which I found brilliant to help keep balance on the wedge especially when using it a means to raise my hips when laid on my back. You can also buy some additional straps to use with the wedge.

Unfortunately however, the wedge made my hips a little too high to be comfortable for Mr Nerd. This isn’t a fault in anyway of the Position Master, Mr Nerd just has shorter legs than you would expect for his height!  This is easily fixed by deflating the Position Master slightly which is definitely worthwhile as the extra stimulation you get from this position is awesome! It is  favourite of mine.


Inflatable Position Master

I think the position pillow is great for people who possible lack a bit of the strength or mobility to get into and maintain certain positions.

Position Master with handles

I wiped down the position master with some sex toy wipes afterwards but if you are bothered about keeping it clean then you could cover it with something that you can just throw in the wash. For example a Liberator throw or a Cumpanion towel.


The Fetish Fantasy Series Inflatable Position Master exceeded my expectations. The quality is extremely good. The thick material and flock coating gives you the confidence & comfort to use it in whatever position you wish. If you don’t want to shell out for a Liberator wedge or don’t have the storage for one then this is a brilliant alternative.

You can purchase the Fetish Fantasy Series Inflatable Position master for yourself for £31.99 from

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Notes from the Nerd: The Fetish Fantasy Series Inflatable Position Master was received free of charge from Wilder Sides in return for an honest review. This has in no way influenced my review and my opinions remain my own.

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