Review: Dual Masseuse Nipple Suckers

There is a bit of a theme happening on my blog. Nipple stuff!! As a women who has massive knockers for most of her adult life, I have always been happier keeping them covered, preferring the support of a bra in the bedroom rather than letting them go wild and free. Since I have gotten into nipple play, my attitude is changing. I am not as bothered by their size and am no realising how much enjoyment they can bring me.

As I have reviewed a 4 pair of nipple clamps now I thought it would be fun to try out  some nipple suckers. Sh! Womenstore came to my aid with the Dual Masseuse Nipple Suckers.


The packaging for the nipple suckers is super basic. Just a plain purple & white box with a picture of the suckers on the front. It gives you a bit of information including that they a made from silicone &  they’re latex and phthalate free.

Easy to use

Being made from silicone, these suckers are really soft. It makes them nice and easy to squeeze & they don’t leave indentation on your nipples after you have used them. They have a wide cup with a 2 inch diameter. For me this is a good size as it covers my areola. To attach the sucker I just squeeze the bulb, cover my nipple and gradually let go of the bulb. This way whilst there is a definite pull again my nipples, it isn’t too intense.

Dual Masseuse Nippler Suckers

Dual Masseuse Nippler Suckers


I can make it a little more intense by stretching the skin surrounding my nipple tighter and pushing down slightly on the sucker onto my skin before letter go of the bulb. This is more like it!! The seal against my nipple is far stronger this way and I can really feel the tug of my nipple being pulled. This is exactly the sensation I was hoping for. I can even pull on the sucker and it doesn’t come loose. To remove the sucker I just squeeze the bulb and off it pops.

The after effects are pretty hot. My nipples are stiff, swollen and the colour of dark pink roses. They are super sensitive to the touch too. More so than usual.

nippl sucker folded overThe cup can also be folded over to there is a smaller circumference sitting against the skin. The box says that this is good for more precise control on smaller areas such as the clitoris. Personally I don’t like it this way. It doesn’t get a very good seal against my skin and I don’t get any suction unfortunately.

Multi functional

I think nipple suckers have a lot of uses. You can use them as a main component of nipple play, use them to get ready for nipple claps or even if you have inverted nipples to try encourage them outwards over time.

I think they would also be suitable use on testicles too. The size of the cup would feel really good, especially if repeatedly attached and released.


The Dual Masseuse Nipple Suckers are pretty good. Used in their usual way they can achieve a really good suction against your nipples without digging into your skin and leaving marks, leaving them more sensitive to further stimulation. If I could suggest one way to improve the product would be the colour. I believe these should be a competely gender neutral item than can be enjoyed by anyone with a pair of nipples! Changing the colour to a red, purple or even black would make them appeal to a bigger audience.


  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: Length – 3 inches, cup width –
  • Waterproof
  • Latex and phthalate free
  • Price: £10.00

You can purchase the Dual Masseuse Nipple Suckers from

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Note from the Nerd: The Dual Masseuse Nipple Suckers were received free of charge from Sh! Womenstore in return for an honest review. This has in no way influenced my review and my opinions remain my own.

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