Review: Jimmy Jane Form 2

I have had a rough past with Jimmy Jane toys after having to return 2 that didn’t want to charge or switch on. But I am by my nature very stubborn so I tried again. 3rd times a charm right?! Well we will see.

My choice this time was the Jimmy Jane Form 2. I got it on sale from for an absolute bargain so I had nothing to lose. The Form 2 is a small vibe that shaped like a ‘U’ with the idea that has 2 ends, or ears as they are described on the box, which are used for clitoral stimulation.


Jimmy Jane packaging is very busy! There are pictures of the vibe on all 4 sides in the 2 colours it is available in, pink and grey. It also gives some information about the product including that it has a 3 year warranty, dual motors, lithium batteries & is fully waterproof.

The Form 2 box also advertises it as ‘sensation in stereo’. What the chuff does that mean?!


Before I could get started the Form 2 needed charging up. So I got the charging dock and USB cable out of the box and put it together. To charge the vibe you just sit it round end down on the charging dock so that the 2 little metal pins are in contact with the base of the vibe. Simple right?

Jimmy Jane & Charging Doc

Jimmy Jane & Charging Doc

Not again!

It turns out 3rd time isn’t a charm, it’s another pain in the butt. Again I had the exact same issue as the Form 3, the damn thing wouldn’t charge. I followed the instructions on the box but still nothing. Some helpful sellers advised that the Form 2 arrives in ‘button lock mode’ and to unlock it you just need to press and hold the + and ~ buttons together. However this didn’t unlock it for me.

Jimmy Jane

I contacted the company I purchased it from to start the ball rolling with returning my 3rd Jimmy Jane product but before I did a fellow blogger Scandarella got in touch. Ella was having the exact same issue as me but whilst we were venting our frustrations she had a dabble online and found some information that suggested it was in sleep mode. In case you get the same issues, here is what I had to do –

The guidance advised to hold the Form 2 down in the charging dock & change the angle of it until it starts to vibrate. Continue to hold down the vibe until it stops vibrating. It takes a few minutes so you are at risk of getting vibration white finger but you’ve gotten this far so don’t let go!

Once that faffing is done you just need to sit it upright in the charging dock as per the normal instructions and it should start to charging. You’ll know its charging because the light on the buttons will come on. Once charged you should get 4 hours worth of play thanks to the high performance lithium battery.

Worth the wait?

The Jimmy Jane Form 2 is really easy to control. To switch the vibe on and increase the speed press the ‘+’ button. To decrease the speed and switch it off press the ‘-‘ button. Finally to change the pattern press the ‘~” button. It has 5 speeds and 4 patterns to choose from.

My feelings about the product from here onwards are a little mixed. In your hand it feels very powerful at its highest setting but it doesn’t feel quite that strong against my clit. There are dual motors in the ears but the vibration transfers into my hand quite a bit.

Jimmy JaneMy preference was to rub the tips of the ears up & down either side of my clitoris. If you’re going to do the same you will need some good water based lube. The thicker the better. Unfortunately the ears are very firm so my lady garden took quite a beating. I felt the vibrations better if I put some pressure on the Form 2 but it did leave me feeling a little bruised afterwards.

The silicone is high quality and latex and phthalate free but you need the extra cushioning against your body that you get from lube.

The Form 2 committed an assault on my clit but it did push me towards a good strong orgasm and there are other ways to use it that are not so rough.  You can use the base of the ears, squeeze the ears together either side of your clitoris, use the ears to stimulate your labia and use it in the bath.


The Jimmy Jane Form 2 is a great design & good-looking but it has got to be the most annoying product ever thanks to its delightful sleep mode! It’s got a lot of potential & power but you just have to find the way that works best for you. To be honest the frustrating charging did tarnish my opinion lightly at first but after further uses I am growing to love it.


  • Material: Medical grade silicone
  • Size: 3.25 inches length
  • Power Type: Rechargeable
  • Recommended Lubricant: Water based
  • Price: £89.99-£109.99

The Jimmy Jane Form 2 is no longer available from but you can purchase it for yourself from other retailers including Lovehoney & Boudoir Boutique.

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