Review: Bondara Ultimate Under Bed Restraints

I am not new to bondage but I am a newbie when it comes to using proper restraints. I am definitely the submissive in my relationship so I was interested in taking this further and giving Mr Nerd more control. So, I was very excited & a little nervous to be able to review the Ultimate Under Bed Restraints from Bondara.

First Impressions


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Bondara Gift Wrap option

I was super excited when my parcel arrived and I saw it for the first time. My restraints came with a few other items in a black and hot pink branded box, buried in lots of hot pink tissue paper. I say I was excited but I wasn’t as excited as my cat when he saw the tissue paper. This is Bondara’s gift wrap option rather than standard delivery but it really adds an extra level of specialness to your parcel and I would really recommend it if you are purchasing for someone else. They will love it.


The restraints come in a clear sealed plastic bag, on their own without any instructions. The nylon straps comes separate to the ankle & wrist cuffs and they just clip together. The cuffs are covered with a supersoft fabric for comfort and fasten with Velcro.

Getting ready


Adjustable nylon straps

When I unpacked the Ultimate Under Bed Restraints I was initially a little confused about the 5 straps of nylon radiating out from a central point. 4 of the straps have d-rings for the cuffs to attach to and 1 does not. The 5th strap is what allows you to adjust the restraints for the size of your bed. The restraints are big enough to fit most beds.

The easiest way to adjust the straps is to lay them on top of the mattress and loosen then strap until the 4 restraints are far enough apart to fit both the length & width of the bed. Once you have them to the right size, then it is just a case of lifting the mattress, putting the straps down with the edges overhanging and replace the mattress.

We had a bit of a chuckle doing this the first time. Picture me head to toe in sexy lingerie, Mr Nerd wearing nothing but a cock ring & a smile with the cat going mental under the bed thinking the straps were the best toy ever! We managed to stop giggling long enough to try them out.

Let the fun begin

The cuffs come in pairs, the ankle restraints are slightly longer than the wrist cuffs measuring 12 inches and 10 inches respectively. I fastened the cuffs around my wrists and ankles and climbed onto the bed and asked Mr Nerd to clip me to the straps. Just going through the process of fastening the straps onto my wrists and ankles was a very hot experience made even more so when Mr Nerd told me to roll over and lay on my front.


Laid on my stomach, bum in the air, Mr Nerd clipped the cuffs on my stocking covered ankles and wrists into each strap. As each cuff was strapped in, I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter in anticipation of what was going to be done to me. Once in place each strap was individually tightened to stretch me out.

wrist cuff

Unfortunately I suffer with chronic pain in my shoulders and they dislocate with ease so I kept the arm straps a little looser so not to cause any pain but enough that I felt  restrained. It is great that I was able to adjust the straps to a level that I was comfortable.

I loved the soft fluffy material the cuffs are made of as it meant that the cuffs didn’t bite into my skin. This is great for newbies like me. Both Mr Nerd and I had a lot of fun testing the limits of the restraints and were pleased with how sturdy the straps, fastening and cuffs are.  I think they would take a far amount of abuse without causing any damage so I am not surprised that they are one of Bondara’s best sellers. They added a lot of spice to our night!

Surprising after effects

ankle cuffBecause I left the straps a bit looser on my arms I was able to free 1 wrist using my teeth to undo the velcro and get myself free however should I have been strapped down tighter, I would have needed Mr Nerd to unclip the cuffs.

My jelly arms and legs were evidence of the fun Mr Nerd and I had but I didn’t expect the phantom sensations I had in my limbs as if I still had the cuffs pulling me onto the bed. I slept with a big smile on my face that night.


The Bondara Ultimate Under Bed Restraints are a brilliant product whether you are a newbie to restraints or not. The nylon straps are such good quality that if you want to move to the next level then you can use some leather or metal cuffs rather the ones that come with the kit.

If you are fastened down with the restraints tightly there is no way you can free yourself so it is really important that you agree a safe word with your play partner before you start. This may seem a little ‘red room of pain’ but you don’t want any misunderstandings should either of you hit your limit. If you are new to restraints or a little nervous that I suggest you leave the wrist cuffs a little looser so you can free yourself.

Whatever your experience level you will have a lot of fun with these!


  • Material: Nylon straps and soft material covered cuffs
  • Under bed strap length: 55 inches
  • Wrist cuff size: 10×2 inches
  • Ankle cuff size: 12×2 inches
  • Fastening: velcro
  • Price: £19.99

You can purchase the Ultimate Under Bed Restraints for yourself from

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Note from the Nerd: The Ultimate Under Bed Restraints were received free of charge from Bondara in return for an honest review. This has in no way influenced my review and my opinions remain my own.

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  • Affiliate links have been used in this post. Price quote is a sale price accurate as on July 2017


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