Review: Blush Novelties Hop Jessica Rabbit

I have quietly perved over Blush Novelties products for the last 6 months and especially since I saw a fellow blogger’s post about the Nude range of dildos. So imagine my excitement when I won the opportunity to choose one toy from the Hop range. It was a really tough choice but I settled on the Blush Novelties Hop Jessica Rabbit in cerise.

Love Struck

The Hop Jessica Rabbit really is a beautifully made product. I was so glad I choose the cerise as it positively glowed (also available in Midnight blue). When I go in my toy box full of my usual purple & blue toys, this one always stands out and puts a massive smile on my face every time!

The Jessica Rabbit comes in an equally bright pink box which is partially open to display the toy and the reverse of the box displays some key facts about the toy very clearly so you know exactly what you are getting. The packaging really appeals to the fun side of my personality. I absolutely love everything about its design.

The silicone that Blush use is unbelievable quality, it is 100% body safe platinum cured and it’s incredibly smooth and almost seem free. It just glides against your skin – it’s very luxurious.

Getting Ready

rabbit chargingAs with all toys in the Hop range, they are rechargeable and utilise magnetic charging technology. However rather that having one of the 2 pin designs like most I have seen, it has a really small single magnetic pin. The magnetic connection didn’t seem particular strong when first attached but I didn’t find it losing contact at any point so it charged up no problem. The charger cable attaches to the white base of the toy. It takes about 1.5 hours to charge up and you are ready to go for about an hour.

Taking Control

There are just 2 controls on the base of the Jessica Rabbit, a ‘+’ and a ‘-‘. To switch the rabbit on you just need to press and hold the ‘+’ button.  Quick pressing either of the buttons will change the functions. To switch the rabbit off just press and hold the ‘-‘ for a few seconds. Worth noting that it does take a couple of seconds to switch on and off which could be a little frustrating if you want to silence it quickly although to volume of the vibrations is reasonable discreet.

Jessica Rabbit controls

In Use

All of the Hop range is ergonomically designed for a womans shape. There is a gentle curve to the shaft of the rabbit which flairs out to 4.5 inch circumference at the widest part then tapers off at the tip. The arm on the rabbit is like a generous flower petal and comfortably sits over the top of my clitoris rather than sitting at either side like a traditional rabbit. This makes a nice change if like me you like broader vibrations.

Blush Novelties Hop Jessica Rabbit

Blush Novelties Hop Jessica Rabbit

The rabbit has a relatively short insertable length of 3.75 inches but it fits me really well. The bulbous shaft rubs nicely against my g-spot and thanks to the gentle flex the rabbit has it allows for some delicious friction.

jessica rabbitThe rabbit has dual motors, in the shaft and the external arm which means that the strength of the vibrations are felt equally all over. There are 7 functions, 3 speeds and 4 patterns and usually a preference the patterns. They are quite ‘throbbing’ and not buzzy in the slightest. I can really feel the vibrations rumbling really deep.

I use a thick good quality water based lubricant and thanks to the excellent quality silicone it slides in and out of me without any drag what so ever. The rabbit is 8 inches in length altogether and is very comfortable to hold so I can thrust away with the rabbit without worrying about bashing my cervix unlike my Ann Summers namesake!

The rabbit is 100% waterproof so can be used in the bath or shower and makes clean up extremely easy. A rinse under hot water, some sex toy cleaner and you are done. Just take care where the external arm meets the shaft of the rabbit to ensure that you clean off any sex gunk as it can gather a little.


This rabbit is a lot of fun and I like to use it on my own or as a bit of a warm up with Mr Nerd. The vibrations are strong, deep and rumbly and bring me to a very satisfying orgasm in no time. Although it is great internally I really enjoy sweeping the vibrating shaft over and around my labia to draw out a session before a satisfying ending.

There are only 2 downsides to this rabbit; you cannot control the arm/shaft independently and it is a little slow to switch on and off but overall it doesn’t really detract from this fab product.


  • Material: Platinum cured silicone
  • Size: Length 8 inches (3.75 insertable) 4.5 circumference
  • Power: rechargeable
  • Orgasm Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

I won my toy in a competition courtesy of the Little Switch Bitch but you can buy a Blush Novelties Hop Jessica Rabbit for yourself from on sale for £41.11.

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