Review: Womanizer 2Go Lipstick Suction Vibe

There has been so much hype over the launch of the new Womanizer so I couldn’t believe it when Sh! Womenstore gave me the opportunity to test the new Womanizer 2Go. I had read reviews of it making people make involuntary animatistic noises so I couldn’t wait to see if it did the same for me.


womanizer 2go packagingThe Womanizer comes in very sophisticated white packaging with the branding embossed in gold. The box is a very hard cardboard and a magnetic closures at the short end. It’s such high quality it is definitely not one to throw away!

When opened the Womanizer 2Go is nestled in a firm plastic mount displayed in all its glory. At first glance you would have no idea that it is a sex toy. Under the plastic mount there is a charger cable, instructions and another nozzle which I will come back to in a bit.


The charger that comes with the toy is USB compatible with any electronic device plugs as well as laptops etc for ease of use. The cable attached to the Womanizer at the base. There is a little grey rubber cover to the charging point which you can just pull back with your finger nail easily. It only takes an hour to charge and it gives 2 hours of play time.

First Impressions

The design of the Womanizer definitely makes you smile as it is shaped like a big lipstick. After reading some other reviews I expected a giant of a thing but it really isn’t that big. It measured 5 inches in length so bigger than your standard lipsticks but nothing ridiculous. It wouldn’t arouse any suspicion in your luggage when going away.

womanizer 2go

I have gotten the white version but it also comes in black and a very retro pale green. The case is hard plastic and the nozzle is a bright lipstick red (strange that). To be honest I really liked the look of it and couldn’t wait to get started however Mr Nerd had other ideas! Mr Nerd was fascinated with it so I was given instructions to not use it and save it for him to use on me for the first time.

Trial and error

My first use of the toy was with Mr N and his first comments were about how easy it was to use. There is a single rubberized button on base which you use to switch it on as well as cycle through the settings of which there are 6. I enjoyed using it with him but it was hard to fully relax as I didn’t know when he would change the settings and it isn’t a toy to be teased with!

womanizer 2go

Womanizer 2Go Clitoral Suction Vibe

The first couple of uses on my own left me a little frustrated. The sensations you get from the Pleasure Air technology are amazing but for some reason I just could let go. It was like the power intimidated me to the point I wouldn’t allow myself to orgasm.
It was clearly all in my head so I decided to put it away for a few days and try again.

3rd time lucky?

After my ego had recovered from its orgasm failures the Womanizer 2Go came back out. As I mentioned in the box there is a replacement nozzle which I realised is a different shape. The opening is wider and shallower on this one which I presume is for those with bigger clits. With a coat of water based lube I settled the nozzle over my clitoris & I was ready to try again.

nozzlesThe session started the same way as before. I could immediately feel the toy pulsing away with pinpoint accuracy. The wider nozzle felt a lot more comfortable and I could alter the sensation by pulling up and exposing my clit more and when that got too much, letting my clit hide and recover!

I really enjoyed the sensations but I found myself in the same situation again. My orgasm was so so close but I just couldn’t quiet reach it. My body had heated up, heart was racing and muscles tensing but somehow I just couldn’t let myself drop over the edge.

Luckily this time I had gotten a dildo out just in case. Using that along with the Womanizer was exactly what I needed. Within minutes without even thrusting with the dildo I was experience the kind of orgasm that sends you cross-eyed and weak at the knees. So incredible was it that I squirted for the first time.

Clean up is super easy, the nozzles can be removed easily and cleaned with some sex toy cleaner. The remainder of the unit just needs wiping over.

The Womanizer is waterproof too which I can confirm is the case after a play in the shower!


The Womanizer 2Go really is a fabulous product. Nothing before has had the potential to frustrate me with its power as well as blow me away. With its fun design and Pleasure Air technology it is a pretty special product.


  • Material: Plastic case & silicone head
  • Size: 5 inches long
  • Recommended Lube: Water based
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Price: £129.99
  • Orgasm Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

You can buy the Womanizer 2Go from 

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Note from the Nerd: The Womanizer 2Go was received free of charge from Sh! Womenstore in return for an honest review. This has in no way influenced my review and my opinions remain my own.

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One thought on “Review: Womanizer 2Go Lipstick Suction Vibe

  1. Wow you squirted! That’s so awesome! I’m yet to experience it. I love the design of this toy but still not sure whether I’d buy it with the current price tag. Will keep an eye on it in case I spot a reduction!

    PP x


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