Guest Review: Fun Factory Jam

Our guest reviewer Petra Pan is back with her review of the Fun Factory Jam…

I have a few Fun Factory toys, I love their quality and style! The Fun Factory Jam appealed to me because it looks cute and I was impressed with the reviews I’ve seen online.

The Fun Factory Jam comes in a long, slim silver box with a picture of the vibrator on the front. The box is slim and quite small (as is the vibrator!) and therefore ideal for storage as it won’t take up much room in your toy box/drawer/cupboard/room (I wish)!
Opening the box you are greeted by bright red shiny packaging which is in stark contrast to the silver. I think it’s a great look; stylish, expensive and attractive. The vibrator sits inside the box along with a mini instruction book. I purchased the Jam in a blue colour but it also comes in bright orange.

fun factory jam

It’s a small vibrator which fits in the palm of my hand. It isn’t hugely long or girthy so I wasn’t planning on using this much as an internal vibe, but more as a clit pleaser. It has lovely deep ridges which run right around the vibrator, wider spaced at the front than the back. The white handle bears the Fun Factory logo and has a twist operation with three positions; Off, On and Open for inserting a single AA battery. Inside the battery compartment is a sheet of instructions showing which way up the battery goes, I leave this in place when I put the battery in.


Fun Factory Jam Mini Clitoral Vibrator

The silicone feels thick and like it would drag a lot so I recommend using plenty of lube to make it more slippery. There’s a tapered tip for pinpoint pressure on your clit, although it isn’t tapered in the middle of the tip so you can press the flatter side against your body if you prefer broader stimulation.


Fun Factory Jam

Electric Blue Jam

The Jam is a single speed operation and I would say it is medium in terms of power. It’s plenty for my sensitive clit, but has enough oomph to give me pleasure when using internally too. It’s relatively quiet and not too buzzy. I love silicone as harder materials can feel harsh against my delicate clit so this one is ideal.

In Use
The ridges feel amazing when using this internally but bear in mind the size; if you like a longer or girthier toy then this isn’t it – it’s small, cute and great for external stimulation and getting to those sensitive nerve endings that live just inside your vagina. I like to push and pull it in and out of my pussy nice and slowly, to feel those lovely ridges do their thing!

I enjoy using the flatter part of the tip on my clit. It gives me just enough pinpoint precision without being painful. The soft silicone feels comfortable on my skin, and the vibrator is not too buzzy so it doesn’t make me numb.

Any cons?
The only thing I dislike is the fact that this is an almighty dust gatherer. You will probably see some of it in the photos; I washed it three times before taking them and still couldn’t get it dust free! Admittedly I have three dogs and their hairs are all over my flat, so any toy which is ‘sticky’ in terms of dust and debris ends up covered. And no one wants a hairy vibrator.

Fun Factory Jam

You’ll need to put in the effort when cleaning the Jam as the ridges need a little extra attention. As I’ve mentioned before, this toy attracts dust like a moth to a light so it needs a thorough clean both before and after use.

Overall I really like this vibe. It’s cute, quirky, small and my clit enjoys its vibrations and the soft material. It’s a lot of fun for a single speed, battery powered mini vibe!


  • Material: Silicone
  • Recommended Lube: Water-based
  • Power: 1x AA battery
  • Size: Length 5 inches, Insertable 4.5 inches, circumference 3.5 inches
  • Price: £24.99

The Fun Factory Jam Mini Clitoral Vibrator is available from

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