Guest Review: Lovehoney Wet Look & Lace Dress

Since starting my blog I have found that I enjoy reading other peoples reviews and love that every blogger/reviewer have a unique voice and I wanted to include some posts on my blog which have a slightly different style to keep you on your toes! I am very excited to have my very first guest reviewer on my blog in the sexy shape of Petra Pan who I am sure you will already know from Cara Sutra and Random Red Rose. Just like me Petra Pan has a bit of a tendency to spend a few too many pennies on sex toys & lingerie and I enjoy reading her reviews so I was chuffed when we were able to arrange for her to do a guest review.

So, over to Petra and her review of the Lovehoney Wet Look & Lace Long Sleeve Dress

Wet Look & Lace Dress

Wet Look & Lace Dress

I’ve always had nice bra and knicker sets, and the odd pair of hold-ups, but never anything more daring or different in the lingerie department.  I fancied a change.  Then I spotted the Lovehoney Wet Look & Lace Long Sleeve Dress.  I adore lace, but I have no wet look clothes yet so I went for it – and let’s face it, at the bargain price of £12 it’s a sin to leave it there!

Packaging & First Impressions

The item arrived in a plain sheet of packaging, much like other Lovehoney lingerie.  I took it out of the packaging and unfolded it.  I noticed a rather strange smell emanating from the wet look part of the dress, which put me off at first but I can honestly say that since wearing it a few times I haven’t noticed it since.  It was a new plastic type of smell.

The dress is incredibly sexy; wet look material adorns the front curving around the back and just skimping over the bottom area.  The rest of the back of the dress is lace, with a low scoop to show off some flesh and pretty keyhole detail.  To the front, the wet look is heart shaped at the top to fit around your boobs and above this is a further area of lace, with a high, scooped neckline.  The long sleeves make the dress look elegant, and I love the combination of the long sleeves and short length.

Sweetheart neckline

Sweetheart neckline

Quality Checking!

I searched the dress for any loose threads, bad stitching etc and I’m pleased to report I found nothing. It’s very well made. The lace feels lovely and soft, and is good quality so it doesn’t itch my skin at all.  It’s a very well made piece!


I purchased this dress in a size Medium and I’m a size 8 – 10, with 32DD boobs.  I’m 5’1 and the dress finishes literally just underneath my bum; if I am to wear this out, I’l team it with leggings or a skirt as it’s too short for a public outing!  But for the bedroom, it’s just fine as it is.

dressFit wise, it’s clingy in all the right places but not uncomfortably tight or hot to wear, which surprised me being wet look.  The boob area supports me well enough to be able to go bra-less and my nipples don’t poke through the fabric.  My boobs are emphasised by the shape of the bust area, but my cleavage is partially hidden by the lace which allows a subtle and cheeky glimpse of flesh.  The sleeves are very long, they finish partway down on my hands but I am a fan of longer sleeves so that’s OK by me.  If you prefer your sleeves to fit down to your wrist, the lace is stretchy so you can simply push it back up. The sleeves fit quite tight, but they have ample stretch so should fit different sized arms.

Where Will I Dare to Wear?

Since buying this dress, I’ve fallen in love with it so much that I don’t just want to keep it for the bedroom, so I’ve bought some wet look leggings so I can wear it out. Add a pair of killer heels and the outfit will scream ‘sex kitten’! It would also look fab teamed with a wet look pencil skirt.

Of course, it’s also perfect for bedroom fun as a slinky, sexy and very short dress. Lovehoney sell wet look crotchless knickers separately in case you want to buy it as a set.


I’d recommend this to anyone with a naughty side, either inside or outside of the bedroom! Although if you like a bit more length to your dress then this might be a little on the short side for you.

The Lovehoney Wet Look & Lace Long Sleeve Dress is currently available from on sale at £12.00 (standard price £24.99)

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  • Price accurate as of July 2017
  • Affiliate links have been used in this post

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