Review: Promiscuous Wet Look & Tulle Jumpsuit

I love lingerie but as a curvy girl I can be quite self-conscious of my body however when I put on a nice piece of well made lingerie I feel completely transformed. Like when  superhero puts on their cape, I get a strength and confidence that I didn’t know I had.

I own a lot of different styles of lingerie from basques to body stockings, from chemises to corsets  however Mr Nerd recently fessed up that he likes the wet look/latex style. To be honest the thought of wearing a wet look piece terrified me but Mr Nerd always makes me feel amazing so I thought I had nothing to lose.

When I started to look for a piece of wet look lingerie the obviously place for me to start was Latex Leather & Lace. After some panic and lots of perving I picked out the Promiscuous Wet Look & Tulle Jumpsuit from their Noir Handmade Immoral Collection.


First Impressions

When it arrived my first thought was that there was zero chance that I was going to fit the jumpsuit over my ass and I wondered if I had made a massive mistake. I picked the 2XL which is a UK size 16 as I thought it was better to pick the slightly larger size so to avoid the risk of looking like an overstuffed black pudding! This size is suitable for measurements; hip: 108-111cm, waist: 82-85cm & bust: 104-107.

The majority of the body of the jumpsuit if made from the stretchy wet look material however it has tulle over the body of the shorts and in the bust. This is nice as the wet look doesn’t look too overpowering and it gives some sexy glimpses of skin through the material. The back of the jumpsuit if completely open apart from 2 straps that cross over your back which reach from your shoulders to just above your bum. To prevent any gaping material it has a clear latex strap over around the middle of your back which keeps everything in its place.

Fits like a glove

It did take a little wiggling into as I was worried about tearing the material or breaking the silicone strap but I was surprised that despite my reservations the jumpsuit fit well. The wet look material is good quality and feels like it can stand up to some rough treatment if you get my gist!

I am 5ft10 and have a quite long body so the shorts of the bodysuit don’t sit as low on my thigh/hips as they do with the model on the site but it doesn’t take anything away from the piece. The straps sit nicely across my back showing my tattoos off nicely which was a big plus for me – I felt like a sexy badass! Whilst the silicone strap is not the most attractive it does do a really good job of stopping the material from gaping and keeps it snug under my bust. Speaking of which, the body suit does a really good job of supporting my boobs. They are by no means small at 38GG but the 2XL fits them really well. I have to say, I think my boobs look hot in it!

Easy access

Jumpsuit zip crotch

Jumpsuit zip crotch

I like getting lingerie that I don’t have to take off during sex & one of the reasons why I picked this jumpsuit is because it has a zip in the crotch which gave Mr N completely unrestricted access to all his favourite areas. Thankfully the zip goes quite far back so it can stay on during anal sex. The zip is quite fine so it is both comfortable for me and doesn’t chaff Mr Nerds penis when having sex. Word to the wise though, be careful when zipping up so you don’t catch any skin from your delicate lady garden in it!

Regarding the boring stuff, the bodysuit is handwash only and I have found it comes though the wash well and just hang it to dry in the bathroom.


I absolutely love the Wet Look & Tulle Jumpsuit! It accentuates my favourite features (my boobs) and smooths over any lumps and bumps. Far from being scared of wet look, I am feel awesome in it. It is a firm favourite now and judging by the bite on the ass I got from Mr N, its one of his favourites too!


  • Material: Wet Look & Tulle
  • Sizing Accuracy: Very good
  • Washing: Handwash only
  • Price: £46.99

You can get the Promiscuous Wet Look & Tulle Jumpsuits from

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One thought on “Review: Promiscuous Wet Look & Tulle Jumpsuit

  1. I’m liking the sound of this – and yes you do look fabulously voluptuous! Go girl! I bet it nearly blew Mr N’s head off!! Thanks for the considered description, I shall be visiting the site soon as I love wetlook and leather.

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