Review: CalExotics Weighted Nipple Clamps

It’s fair to say I am a big fan of nipple play and love the pinch from some fingers or teeth so it was a given that I would also love nipple clamps. I have a few pairs already but whilst doing some kinky window shopping on Latex Leather & Lace the CalExotics Weighted Nipple Clamps  caught my attention and had my imagination running wild.

Packaging & Design 

Weight nipple clamps in packaging

CalExotics Weighted Nipple Clamps

The nipple clamps come in very simple packaging, just a clear plastic packet with the logo and the clamps themselves. It good design as you get a clear view of the clamps and you can really feel the weight of them. You probably could use them to store the clamps in however a small storage bag would be a better option.

The clamps are really well designed & well made. The chain is very sturdy and the attachments to the clamps and the weight are firm and not at risk of loosening over time. This is particularly important to me as the weight really is quiet heavy and I wouldn’t want the tension loosening the fastening. The chain is non-tarnishing so it should last a long while and it is nickel free which is great for those with nickel allergies. The weight on the bottom of the chain is attached by a clip so you have an option to remove the weight if you need to build up to it or if you just want to mix up play time.

There is nothing subtle about these clamps but boy do I love them for it!

Play Time

The springs on the clamps are very strong so I am thankful that they are adjustable with the screw on the hinge. You can adjust the amount of pinch you get from the clamps by twisting the screw further in as this prevents the clamp from completely closing. I start of with the clamps slightly looser and then tighten them up as my nipples get accustomed to the pressure. The tips of the clamps are coated with phthalate free PVC for comfort & to protect your nipples from any damage.

The weight quite hefty. The clamps in total weigh 127g and 79g of that is just the weight! I find this really intense but when I am in the mood for some proper nipple play this is exactly what I want. The weight sways with your movement so be prepared for some serious stimulation especially if you wear these which having some fun in doggy position. However as mentioned you can take the weight off if you want something a little lighter, though why would you?!!

Removable weight

Removable Weight

The sensation I get from these clamps is far nicer than I get from the clamps shaped like hair clips as I squeezes over a bigger area rather than just pinching them. They are far easier to put on too and you have so many options for play whether it be enjoying the clamps on their own, the delicious additional pressure of the weight tugging on your nipples or having your other half to tug on the chains when you misbehave.

As with all clamps the feeling when you remove them is just divine. There is no other word for it. When they come off the blood rushes back to the tip of your nipples and make them incredibly sensitive to the touch. Even the lightest touch feels like a bolt of lightning. I look forward to taking them off as much as putting them on.


clampsThese nipple clamps are awesome! I love the pinch that I receive from the clamps and that I can adjust them according to my mood. The tugging pressure of the weight adds another exciting dimension to nipple play.


  • Weight: 127g (inc weight)
  • Clamp Style: Adjustable
  • Material: Iron chain & clams
  • Nickel free
  • Price: £17.99*

The CalExotics Weighted Nipple Clamps are available from

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*Price accurate as on June 2017.

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