Review: Dominix Deluxe Pinwheel

Pinwheels also known Wartenberg Wheels are a medical device invented by Robert Wartenberg to test nerve reaction/sensitivity as the wheel are rolled across the skin. Luckily for me they are also great as a sensation toy. The are usually stainless steel but you can find then in plastic if you would prefer to dispose of them after use.

There are lots of designs available but I settled on the Dominix Deluxe 5 Row Pinwheel from Lovehoney.


Dominix Deluxe 5 Row Wartenberg Wheel


Design & Appearance

PinwheelI choose this particular product as it is Stainless Stain and has 5 rows of pins. The Pinwheel is approx. 7 inches in length and weighs 94 grams. Each row of pins are on a separate wheel and turn independently of one another. I bought this as a newbie to sensation play and a 5 row wheel is great for beginners. The multiple rows spreads out the pressure so that the sensation is not as prickly as one with a single row. Think tickley with a little extra bite.

The handle element of the pinwheel is designed really well and has some ridges shaped into the steel to make it more comfortable to hold. The weight is balanced extremely well so it is easy to control the amount of pressure you use.

Play Time

This pinwheel is great when used as part of foreplay and gives you different sensations dependant on where it is used. When used on your back, shoulders, legs & feet the sensation is light. To me it feel like someone slowly running their finger nail up your body.  When used in more sensitive areas like the inside of your thigh, nipples or genitals, the feeling is more intense. They’re particularly fun to use after partaking in some impact play with floggers, crops etc when your skin is feeling particularly sensitive to extra stimulation.

I particularly like the pinwheel on my nipples after I have been using nipple clamps. When the clamps come off the increase in blood flow to that area makes them so much more sensitive to the spike of the pins. Part of me wants to brush the pinwheel away but a bigger part of me wants the pressure to be increased so that the pins bite into my sensitive nipples more.

pinwheelTeamed up with a blindfold and some restraints, the sensation is heightened even further because you don’t know where the wheel is going to go next, whether it is going to be a light kiss to your skin or a deeper scratch.


I really love this wheel. I think the 5 row versions have the impression of being a bit meaner when the fact the opposite is true. Single row wheels have the same pressure going trough less pins so it is intensified in a smaller area. If you are a beginner to sensation play or you want something that is less aggressive than a single row pinwheel then this is really something that you should try.

The Dominix Deluxe 5 Row Pinwheel can be purchased from Lovehoney for £19.99

*Affiliate links have been used in the review

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