Review: Lelo Nea

Lelo is a brand that people associate with luxury high-end sex toys and I hoped that this wouldn’t be any different. I fancied treating myself & I had recently got the Lovehoney Desire Clitoral Vibe which I loved so was immediately attracted to the similar shaped Lelo Nea.


The Nea comes in a dark grey solid cardboard box which is very simply embossed with the Lelo logo, which in turn is covered with a dark pink card sleeve. Simple and classy. It’s rare packaging makes a different to my opinion of a product. I don’t understand why some companies think they need to have a half-naked body or cavorting couple on their packaging in order to attract people – it just doesn’t appeal to my imagination but in this instance I immediately knew it was going to be a quality piece of kit. My first thought when looking at the box was that it could easily contain a fancy watch but a toy designed to get me off is far more fun!

lelo packaging

If you weren’t already familiar with Lelo then you wouldn’t know what the box contained and you definitely don’t want to be throwing it away. It will sit happily on your dresser rather than tucked away in your toy box.


WP_20170507_20_17_04_Rich.jpgThe Lelo Nea is a very girly & cute little sex toy with its feminine dark pink body and delicate silver flower motif. It is shaped like a pebble with a generous curve so that it fits in the palm of your hand. Its approx 3 inches long and weighs only 30 grams. Teeny tiny!

As well as the storage box, the Nea comes with a little black storage pouch. This is great but it is barely big enough to fit the Nea and doesn’t fit the plug so the box is definitely needed so that you don’t misplace bits. Take it from me, in my experience that is a bloody nightmare!

nea and storage pouch

Lelo Nea and storage pouch


The Nea is rechargeable but unusually it isn’t a USB cable that it comes with, it is a standard plug. This isn’t really an issue but I do prefer the flexibility of a USB cable. It only takes 2 hours to fully charge & you get about 4 hours of play time from that.


In theory you would think that this little vibe would be easy to use. Once you read the instructions it is…kind of!

wp_20170507_20_17_14_rich.jpgLike a bloke faced with a flat pack, rather than reading the instructions first I just jumped straight into action. There are only 2 buttons on the Nea which is both a positive and negative thing. The left button is the ‘-‘ and the right is the ‘+’. To switch on the Nea you just press and hold the ‘+’ button and quick press it to increase the intensity. To switch it off just press the ‘-‘ button until it is on the lowest intensity then hold the button.

As mentioned I didn’t read the instructions and when I finally did I realised at Nea also has a couple of patterns. To change these, when the Nea is on press and hold the ‘+’.

It’s a bit faffy to be honest – I have confused myself just trying to explain that to you! I think it would be improved if it had a separate button to control the modes. Also the buttons are on the underside of the toy so they are effectively pressed against your body when in use so you have to interupt play time to fanny around with the buttons which for me is one of the cardinal sins of sex toys.

The pebble shape is curved to fit your hand and it sits nice and snuggly against your body. The vibes from the Nea are not super strong so it is definitely not one for the power queens I am afraid but if you are wanting a discreet toy to use whilst with your partner then it would be a good option. Unfortunately the Nea on its own just isn’t strong enough to make me orgasm. I was expecting more and it didn’t quite deliver which is a little frustrating. I couldn’t just rely on the vibes, I had to press it against my clitoris quite a bit to benefit from some additional friction to get me over the finish line.

lelo nea

Lelo Nea

I would recommend using a water based lube but go easy with it. I was a bit over zealous with the lube and it kept slipping out of my hand!

To clean up the Nea after use the best thing to do is to wipe if with a damp cloth and spritz with some sex toy cleaner. The buttons being underneath does mean that lube and body fluid can get in the little gaps around the buttons so it is a good idea to uses a soft toothbrush to clean around them. I can imagine that it would be a playground for bacteria in there otherwise. Yack!

Oh yes, the Lelo comes with a 1 year Lelo warranty which needs to be registered when you first buy the product.


The Lelo Nea left me feeling quite conflicted. It is a high quality, extremely well made toy which looks beautiful but the lack of some real power and the awkward positions of the buttons let it down a little for me. To get the best of this toy, use it in conjuction with other toys, as a warm up or as a discreet vibe with your partner.


  • Size: 3 inches in length
  • Power: Rechargeable.
  • Recommended lubricant: Water based
  • Price: £68.99*
  • Orgasm Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

You can try the Lelo Nea for yourself by purchasing from



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