Review: Joyride Rattlesnake

I have long been a fan of glass dildos but usually prefer them without too many bell and whistle. Less is more for me. The Joyride Rattlesnake goes against the grain in that respect but boy did it blow me away!


joyride rattlesnake in box

Joyride Rattlesnake

Whoever designed the packaging for the Rattlesnake definitely didn’t believe in ‘less is more’! It comes in a hard cardboard case with a clear front showing you the dildo clearly which is cushioned in a massive piece of foam.

It is visually a well designed piece of packaging but the size of it really is overkill. When the parcel turned up I wondered what on earth I had ordered, it was enormous and very heavy! It begs the question how much are you paying for the dildo and how much for the packaging? Being just short of £40 this is not a cheap dildo by a long shot.

I thought it would have been intended to be kept as storage however the Rattlesnake comes with a branded velvet bag in a lovely shade off grey. As with the box the bag is clearly high quality with the exception of the draw string ribbon which pulled out straight away! With a high end toy like his you don’t expect to see little faults like these however I can till fasten it so isn’t the end of the world.



The Rattlesnake truly is a sight to behold. Purple toys are a favourite of mine and the colour is luminous. It actually glows! The quality of the toughened glass is exceptional, in the light the glass glows a pale pink and reflects the right beautifully. If the Fairy Godmother had a naughty magic wand for spreading her filthy magic then this would be it!


The 7 inch curved shaft has curves in all the right places. There are 2 beads in the middle with differing texture at either end. The narrower end is great for anal use and the other side that resembles a lemon juice is amazing for G-spot stimulation. you also get the benefit of approx. 5 inches of girth at its widest part.


The curve of the Rattlesnake fits my body perfectly. The larger end located my g-spot straight away and the glass gave the delightfully firm pressure that you cannot get from its silicone counterparts. I found that the elongated egg-shaped tip kept contact with my g-spot more than other glass dildos with a perfectly round tip. No cervix bashing from this toy! Hurrah!

My preference when using dildos during solo play is to use them in conjunction with a clitoral stimulation, largely due to my lazy masturbating tendencies, but I enjoyed using the Rattlesnake so much that I often use it completely on its own with nothing but my imagination (& a little porn!). Its non realistic shape is not intimidating so it is prefect when being wielded by your partner too.

The high quality, flawless toughened glass means that it is temperature responsive so can be warmed up and cooled down. I LOVE the rattlesnake after it has been in the freezer for a while. The texture and temperature make a dangerously delicious combination.

It is can be used with all lube types being glass and I particular like using silicone lubricant for extra silky slide.

With all the lumps and bumps take care when cleaning, especially if using anally. Give it a clean with antibacterial soap,  spritz of sex toy cleaner and leave to dry.


The rattlesnake really is an extremely good dildo – it is a joy to ride! The quality is amazing, looks beautiful and my g-spot is head-over-heels in lust. Is it worth the price tag? I will leave that up to you to decide.


  • Material: Toughen borosilicate glass
  • Size:   length & 5 inches at its widest part
  • Recommended lubricant: Suitable for all
  • Anal safe: Yes
  • Price: £39.99
  • Orgasm rating: 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

The Joyride Rattlesnake is available from

One thought on “Review: Joyride Rattlesnake

  1. I’ve been intrigued by this one for a while. It’s a beautiful dildo but I was concerned it may not be comfortable to use. After reading this, it’s now in my wishlist!! 🐍


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