Review: Satisfyer Pro 2

The Satisfyer Pro 2 promises guaranteed explosive pleasure sensations from its innovative pressure wave technology. Well anything that offers explosive pleasure definitely has my attention!

The Satisfyer range of products is one which I have read about for a long time and to be honest I was a little wary of them as I just didn’t understand how something that doesn’t vibrate could really be that good. Also whilst I can have clitoral orgasms, I usually find I need g-spot stimulation simultaneously to get me over the finish line!

I have read review after review and I finally decided after 6 months to take the leap and purchased the Satisfyer. I you have ever looked at the Satisfyer range there are quiet a few to choose from. I went for the Pro 2 mainly because it’s rechargeable, I like the ergonomic shape and it claims to be waterproof.

Packaging & Charging

wp-1493406236746.The packaging with the Satisfyer is nice & simple. It’s a small white box with an image of the Satisfyer and it’s logo. It is just big enough for the toy, charger cable and a user guide.

No messing!!

The Satisfyer takes approx 2.5 hours to charge. The charger cable has 2 magnetic pins which attach to the base. It’s USB format so you can use a smart phone/tablet cable or laptop. The LED light will flash whilst charging and when it is done the light will stay lit.


If you were none the wiser, I honestly think you’d never know it was a sex toy. I reckon I could convince my mum it’s for treating spots although she was previously overlooked a butt plug on my bathroom windowsill so maybe not. Anyway…the Satisfyer is small and compact so is great for travelling. It’s about 6.5 lengths in length and only 2.5 inches in width.

The rose gold body is made of ABS plastic and the nozzle that snuggles around your clitoris is 100% silicone which is removable for easy cleaning.

satisfyer pro 2


Before I got started I applied a bit of my favourite water based lube to myself and the nozzle of the Satisfyer which is recommended to get a good seal around your clitoris. You need to use water based lube with the Satisfyer due to the silicone nozzle. I settled the nozzle around my clit and switched it on onto the lowest setting. I am really sensitive to clitoral stimulation so wanted to get myself used to the new sensations gradually.

It’s a complete doddle to use, press and hold the small round button to switch the Satisfyer on and use the oval button to change the power settings up and down.

The sensation is like nothing I have felt before. There is a little bit of a vibration type sensation but mostly it is a pulse and a throb. Straight away any doubt I had that I would like the Satisfyer was a distant memory.

WP_20170427_20_47_35_RichThe Satisfyer is so comfortable to hold, you can just get your hand and arm in a comfy position, lie back & just let it do its job. Although I didn’t the first time, being a little scatter brained, my preference is to watch a bit of porn whilst masturbating so not to get distracted. The Satisfyer is ideal for this as the shape and light weight build makes you don’t have to put any effort into it.

There are 11 settings ranging from a light tickle to a powerful throb. I soon found that as well as using the controls to change the intensity, by pressing on or slightly adjusting the position of the Satisfyer you got a completely different feeling. Pulling up against your clitoris hood a bit with the nozzle exposes your clitoris more and the pulsating feeling is immediately a lot more intense. I really like this as you can get a variation of feelings in one session, especially edging yourself towards a mind blowing orgasm.

I am very much more used to external stimulation that covers a wider area like the kind of stimulation that you get from a wand or palm shaped clitoral vibe so the sensations from the Satisfyer were completely foreign to me. Like some sort of muscle memory I subconsciously felt my body wanting to grind which obviously you do not need to do. I think as a result my legs did tense up quite a bit leading to a bit of sex cramp.

Regardless of my body almost fighting against the Satisfyer a little, in no time I was getting the light-headed feeling that indicated an impending orgasm and I can honestly say it was the most intense solo orgasm I have had with or without G-spot stimulation. I only used the toy on the lower settings around 4/5 as it was all I could handle so the power queens out there will definitely enjoy the Satisfyer Pro 2. Some write ups refer to this as a suction toy but I didn’t get that impression at all. It’s like there is a little magic Wand just waving over your clitoris. There is hardly any noise too which isn’t what you would expect from a suction toy.


Removable silicone nozzle

As the Satisfyer claims to be waterproof I have also tried it in the shower. I am not sure how it was possible but it was even more intense than before. Afterwards, thighs shaking, weak at the knees and slightly cross-eyed I had to have a sit down on the edge of the bath whilst I got my composure.

The nozzle can be removed for easy cleaning for which I would recommend a sex toy cleaner. The body can be wiped down with a damp cloth for sex toy wipe before packing it away for next time.


I am not sure what else I can say other than the person who invented the Satisfyer Pro 2 is a complete genius!!

It is probably the strangest sex toy I have but one of the most amazing and I think it will only get more amazing the more I use it.


  • Material: ABS plastic & silicone
  • Size: 6.5 inch length, 2.5 inch width
  • Charging: USB magnetic charging cable
  • Recommend Lubricant: Water based
  • Anal safe: N/A
  • Price: £56.99
  • Orgasm Rating: 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is available from

*Price accurate as of April 2017.

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