Review: LuxGem Metal Heart Butt Plug

To say that I love this plug is a complete understatement. It was lust at first sight. The LuxGem Metal Heart Butt Plug  is cute enough to melt the coldest of hearts.


The packaging with this plug is simple to say the least. It’s a clean white box which gives you a glimpse of the plug itself. It’s quite inviting and not at all intimidating for anyone new to bum fun. No half-naked people or anything else that some companies think they need to use to sell their products. It’s a simple and classy plug which deserves a simple and classy box. Yes I did just refer to something that you stick up your butt as classy…oh how times have changed!


The plug is made from aluminium so it is lighter than other metal plugs like steel of the same size – it weighs 95g according to my scales.  It is petite in its dimensions at just over 3 inches in length and approx 4.5 inches in circumference at its widest part. It feels very similar to glass plugs like the Icicles 48. However, this metal plug has a narrower neck and is very slightly wider. A narrow neck plug is a must for me to avoid it going AWOL or popping out. This is a characteristic that beginners should definitely look out for when choosing their first plug.

LuxGem Aluminium Plug & Icicles no 48

LuxGem Aluminium Plug vs Icicles no 48

The heart-shaped clear jewelled base is a nice addition. Who doesn’t want their butt to shine bright like a diamond (I think it the wise philosopher Rhianna who said that) when wearing the plug. I would just make sure that the heart is the right way up, not just for aesthetic reasons (ass-thetic – get it?) but more so that the bottom of the heart doesn’t jab you in the bum cheek!

Temperature Play

Once I finished checking it out and admiring its beauty, it went straight into the freezer as I really like the different sensations that come with temperature play. The plug can be warmed up by putting the plug in warm water or cooled down in a bowl of ice water. ∇


LuxGem plug

LuxGem Aluminium Heart Butt Plug

My OH and I used the plug as part of foreplay as he sometimes likes to be the one to insert the toy for me. I would recommend using a water base lube with this toy however as it is metal, other types would also be suitable. I am pretty certain that my was enjoying the view of me on my hands and knees judging by him asking if he could take a photo.

It has more of a tapered tip than my glass plugs, so insertion is extremely comfortable. That moment when your body accepts it and it ‘pops’ into place is an amazing feeling.

Having put the toy in the freezer, it was absolutely freezing cold. Straight out, the cold nips your skin like an ice-cube does straight out of freezer. It’s quite an intense feeling, so you can take the edge off first by leaving it for a few minutes before playing. However, that nipping pain from the cold is one that I love. I think the cold feeling from metal toys is far more intense than you get from glass.

I wore the plug whilst having virginal sex. The pressure from the plug makes everything so much tighter and the temperature difference between the cold plug and the hot Mr Nerd is incredible. I found the plug very comfortable. It gave a good feeling of stretch and fullness without making it uncomfortable to move about. Tensing around the plug and Mr Nerd gave us both a very very strong orgasm, the strongest I’ve experienced in sometime.

The plug should be cleaned up with some antibacterial soap or sex toy cleaner. As the plug has the gem in the base I would suggest using a spare toothbrush or nail brush to lightly clean around the gem for extra cleanliness.


This plug is amazing. It’s small but perfectly formed and very pretty. As you’d expectWP_20170425_16_04_48_Rich from metal, it’s super smooth and holds its temperature extremely well. The only way this product could be improved would be for it to include a small storage bag but don’t let this put you off as they can be picked up cheaply.

If you are an anal beginner this is a nice toy to try, but equally, if you are wanting to move into the tantalising world of temperature play then you’ll love this.


  • Material: Aluminium
  • Size: Length 3 inches, circumference 4.5 inches
  • Weight: 95g
  • Recommend lube: Water based or silicone
  • Price: £24.99
  • Orgasm Rating: 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

You can get your LuxGem Metal Heart Butt Plug from

*Price accurate as of April 2017.

Caution: if you are warming the plug up then make sure that you use warm water not hot. As the product is aluminium it has the potential to get hot and I obviously don’t want you to burn your bums!!


4 thoughts on “Review: LuxGem Metal Heart Butt Plug

  1. Bling up your butt! I love the look of plugs. When I’m ready to try one it might have to be this one.

    Did you let Mr Nerd take a photo? 😊


    • No I didn’t I chickened out!!

      I started with the ‘beginner’ silicone plugs but I think they’re a waste of time because they drag a bit and the bendiness is a hindrance – like pushing a hotdog through a keyhole!
      This is a really good starter.


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