Review: Godemiche – Galaxy Collection

The Ambit is part of a stunning range of dildos and sex toys hand crafted by Godemiche (French for dildo) here in the UK. The Ambit has a brother from another mother called Adam, but I will introduce him to you another day.

Godemiche offers the Ambit in a range of designs. You can choose from the standard base Ambit, suction cup or vibrating models. The finishes range from pretty pastels (Peach Puff anyone?), the sparkly and vibrant Effulence Collection and my personal choice The Galaxy Collection.

I went for the Ambit with the standard base as I wasn’t sure how the vibrations would travel through the toy, plus I was looking to expand my dildo collection. The Galaxy caught my eye in particular because as it is hand mixed and poured to order meaning no other dildo would be same. Who wouldn’t want a toy unique to them?

The Ambit arrived in a completely anonymous brown box in complete contridicton to the beauty of its contents. It is then packaged in a sealed plastic packet which can be resealed to keep your toy clean and free of fluff.

Godemiche Ambit Galaxy

Godemiche Ambit Galaxy

The first thing that you will notice about this toy is its beauty. It’s a spectacular mix of pinks, purples, blues and blacks interspersed with glittery sparkles.  It’s like looking right into the depths of the Milky way  (not the chocolate kind).

Unlike his brother Adam,  the Ambit has a curved shaft and bulbous tip designed to better stimulate your G-spot. It’s less girthy than other silicone dildos I own but I found this doesn’t matter. The shape and size spot on for me and I had no problem locating my G-spot. My personal preference is to warm up with the Ambit and bring my wand to the party for the big finish but I think it is more than capable of bringing you to orgasm without the additional vibes. Vibrations do travel through the dildo amazingly well so the vibrating model of the Ambit would be a good choice.WP_20170419_16_13_07_Pro (2)

As the Ambit has a flared base and is made with 100% silicone it would be suitable for anal use.

I recommend using a good water based lube with this dildo however as the silicone is silky smooth with minimal drag you don’t need much.

To clean up it simply needs cleaning with antibacterial soap, spritzed with some sex toy cleaner and left to air dry. For those more facidious folk it can be boiled.



  • Material: Hyperallergenic, body safe 100% premium silicone
  • Size: Length 5.6 inches, Diameter 1.2-1.5 inches
  • Non vibrating
  • Recommended lubricant: Water based
  • Anal appropriate: Yes
  • Price: £45 plus shipping
  • Orgasm Rating: 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

The Ambit Galaxy is available from 

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